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  • X-OVEN - Pec na drevené uhlie
  • X-OVEN - Pec na drevené uhlie

Intervista X-Oven

Intervista X-Oven

Intervista X-Oven

Interview X-Oven

Modello X1

X3 Model

Recommended use X3

Chef Martino Ghiotto - Restaurant Damaranto, Soave (VR), Italy

X1 Model

All terrain cart

Chef Roberto Magnani - Restaurant Kuccagna, Dovera (CR), Italy

Assembly X3

Cleaning and maintenance

Assembly X1

Double grill drawer

Installation X1

Ignition X3


Delivery X3


Chef Daniele Tursi - Ristorante Cenerè Milano

Delivery X1


Installation X3

Premium Gastro - Burgerfest 2017

Service X3

Shutdown X3

Service X1

Premium Gastro - X-OVEN

Jack Daniel’s presents Burgerfest 2018 - X - Oven

Italy Street Food Truck Festival 2018

Shutdown X1

X-Oven grill drawers stain shields

Refractory plates set

X2 Model

Aluminum non-stick pans set (diam. 16, 28)

X-OVEN: více než grilování

Chromed steel plates and stainless-steel grills set

Basic cart

Aluminum non-stick trays set

Slim grill drawers kit

Smoke outlet valve extensions